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 A standard introduction - Binball's version

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A standard introduction - Binball's version Empty
PostSubject: A standard introduction - Binball's version   A standard introduction - Binball's version EmptyMon Feb 15, 2010 1:46 am

Hey guys, I'm Jonah. I live in New Jersey (go Devils, dont listen to what Xanthous says about the Red Wings)

I started playing WoW about 4 years ago now, and played for about a year before I discovered private servers. I went through many, creating my own, though it was just on my computer, at one point. I've been a GM on many servers, can't quite remember which ones though, none were HUGE and none lasted all that long. When I joined this team, Uniquecraft was just beginning.

I was hired as a GM, with Evopenguin as my superior as Staff manager/recruiter, when we still had that rank. I quickly progressed to Head-GM there, this being the job I've wanted for a while, and Evo ended up having a falling out with the staff, and left.

Once all the business with staff incompetence happened, we shut down Uniquecraft, and Xanth decided to go with World of Genocide. I stuck with him, and it turned out that Cortez wasn't going to be with us full time anymore, so I got the Co-Owner job, which is where I sit now.

All the staff that are still here from the Uniquecraft glory days, thank you for staying true and sticking with us through the good and bad. Anyway, if you have any questions for me, fell free to use the PM button here on the forums.

A standard introduction - Binball's version Binballagain
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A standard introduction - Binball's version
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