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 Graphics Forum Post Rules

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PostSubject: Graphics Forum Post Rules   Graphics Forum Post Rules EmptyTue Feb 16, 2010 6:15 pm

All Graphics post must have some sort of tag or follow the guide line below.

If you are making a graphics shop is must be posted like this

Usernames ________ Shop
where ______ is the type of graphics you are making.

All Request must have the Tag: [Request]

[Request] I WANT A SIG

like so.

All show offs must have the tag: [Show Off]Type of Graphichere

[Show Off] Signature

like so.

All tutorials must have the program they are used in the tag.

[Tutorial:] Space Signature

If you use TuT in your title, the post will be deleted.

Xanthous - Head Developer.

Graphics Forum Post Rules Epicsig2
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Graphics Forum Post Rules
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