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 Game Master application guidelines. [MUST READ before posting your application]

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PostSubject: Game Master application guidelines. [MUST READ before posting your application]   Mon Feb 15, 2010 10:58 pm

The application form is an important part of becoming a World of Genocide GM. Make sure you complete it with care and use correct spelling and grammar as this application is often our first impression of you and the way you will deal with and handle questions. Remember that first impressions count.

The forums are an important communication for members and game masters alike. If you aren't active on the forums, you will not be accepted as a GM. We don't have a post count requirement yet, as we are still new, but please show you are active with MEANINGFUL posts, not spam to bump your post count.

Anybody asking a GM or Administrator about the status of their GM application will have their application rejected.

If a previous GM Application was declined, please do not post a new Application within one month of when the previous one was declined. If you do so your application will be declined without consideration.

When making an application to become a GM on any of our realms, please ensure that you use the correct format.

To ensure that all applicants have read these requirements, please respond to question #1 in the GM application with a random combination of 4 characters, 3 letter and 1 number. Failure to do so will result in the immediate rejection of your application.

Note: The main way to show you are active on the forums is to be on every day, be active in the chat box with us, and check the forums daily. It shows us that you care about what's going on with the server. (Thanks Legend for this addition to this post)

Thank you for taking the time to read through the requirements to become a GM

Binball - Server Co-Owner
Warbrain - Head-GM


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Game Master application guidelines. [MUST READ before posting your application]
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