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 Ban Appeal Format

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PostSubject: Ban Appeal Format   Ban Appeal Format EmptyMon Feb 15, 2010 7:45 pm

If you wish to appeal a ban placed on your account, please include the following:

Character you were banned on:
Reason you were banned:
GM/Admin who banned you:
Information surrounding the ban:
Screen shots to support your case:

Please know that we will check with our GM team and hear their side of the story, and make our decision from there. Understand that this will take time, as we need to make sure we make the correct decision regarding the ban. If Xanthous, Warbrain, and myself agree that you were banned unfairly, the ban WILL be reversed. If we feel you are lying, we will EXTEND your ban. If we agree with our GM team, your ban will stand and no further action will occur.

Binball - Server Co-Owner

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Ban Appeal Format
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